Our ESG Strategy

Sustainability Strategy


Our commitment goes beyond our own environmental impact. We have a responsibility to contribute and minimise our member’s and local community’s impacts. As we identify the challenges of today, we appreciate that there is always more we could be doing. Our goals can be achieved with collective collaboration and broadening our environmental and social responsibility together.

Our sustainability approach is built on environmental, social, and governance factors, which allows us to proactively address our business practises and performance on sustainability challenges. We employ the ESG framework to transparently monitor our long-term impacts and engage with stakeholders on our sustainability journey.


Environmental factors focus on how we minimise impacts on our local environment and the potential challenges that will arise. We will continue to improve our practises and implement more sustainable and ethical policies throughout our operations such as monitoring resource management and providing greener solutions.


Social factors address our relationship with the wider society and workplace culture, including our employees, suppliers, members, local community, and all other stakeholders. We have a real focus for contributing fairly to aspects such as DEI practises, employee engagement and community relations.


Governance factors play a crucial role in promoting accountability and integrity within our organisation. As we assess our decision-making processes and policies, we identify potential conflicts of interest and ensure that our actions align with our ethical standards. Transparent reporting allows us foster trust and credibility in our business practises.

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