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Dedicated Desks in Milton Keynes

Welcome to Our Spectacular Space in Reading

At Co-Space, we offer a dedicated desk rental in Milton Keynes for remote workers, small business owners, freelancers, startups, and other business professionals. You can use dedicated desk spaces to separate work from personal life and to benefit your professional life.

Learn More About Renting a Dedicated Desk in Milton Keynes for Your Business

Our fully serviced and design-led desk spaces in central Milton Keynes are just a mere two-minute walk from Milton Keynes Central Train Station, offering direct connections to central London. Learn more about how our private desk rentals in a shared space can help you focus on enhancing employee productivity and creativity. A dedicated desk environment is your spot within a co-working environment. These desks are exclusively yours, which gives you the comfort of consistency and the opportunity to personalise your workspace. 

Here’s What Else You’ll Get at This Location

Personalise Your Space

You can make your space fit your personality, business, or brand. A workspace that is personalised might increase your motivation and create a more professional atmosphere for visiting clients.

Design—Led Workspace

All of our workspaces have been designed with creativity, productivity and user wellbeing in mind and that’s why we offer you ergonomic, comfortable spaces that ensure you’ll do your best work.

Breakout & Social Areas

Your Co-Space location has several sleek breakout and social areas where you can choose to relax or make connections with your fellow members. You can also indulge in our complimentary tea and coffee.

Onsite Support Team

Our on-site support team can help you with many different issues. Don’t hesitate to use this resource. Our team is here to help your business run more smoothly.

Community Events

You can expect wellness days, wine and cheese evenings, business conferences and more. All events are congruent with our philosophy of creating spaces where business thrives.

CCTV & Security

Our spaces are fully secure with 24/7 CCTV and alarms that registers if someone has made an unexpected entrance.

Tour Our Space Virtually

With Matterport, you can now tour our spaces in Milton Keynes without even setting foot through the door. Our dedicated desk spaces come equipped with a variety of features that can elevate your workspace experience. Unlike hot desks, dedicated desks allow you to personalise your space with personal touches like photos and plants, which can improve your satisfaction and work quality. Additionally, having your own designated area reduces set-up time, enabling you to get straight to work and enhancing your productivity. 

Flexible Working Options at Our Milton Keynes Location

Becoming a part of our community at Co-Space comes with tons of membership benefits and perks, enhancing your work experience and providing you with more than just a desk. Explore all our flexible working options at our Milton Keynes location below.

Virtual Offices

Hot Desks

Learn More About Our Other Locations

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Co-Space Milton Keynes

Elder House West, Milton Keynes, MK9 1LR

Frequently Asked Questions

Is parking available in the Milton Keynes Co-Space office location?2024-05-30T16:15:39+00:00

Yes, the parking cost is £6 +VAT per day.

Is conference call equipment available in Milton Keynes meeting rooms?2024-05-30T15:35:20+00:00

Yes, our 8-12 person meeting room have conference call equipment included.

How do meeting room credits work?2024-05-30T16:11:57+00:00

Credits allow you to book our meeting rooms for free. Each plan comes with a set number of credits per month, 1 credit = 1hr.

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