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Hot Desks. A New Way To Work.

Hot Desks. A New Way To Work.

Plug yourself into the vibrant Co-Space environment hot desking part-time and still enjoy superior membership perks.

Like Working From Home, But at an Exceptional Office

Our hot desk office spaces are the perfect solution for those who want to split their working week between home and office. Come and get things done when you want in an atmosphere that promotes creativity and efficiency. Our flexible options can be adapted to meet your personal needs. Tonnes of membership benefits and perks. Also ideal if you are visiting for a few days.

Here’s Everything You Get

Breakout and Amenities Space

Stylishly designed spaces where you can make connections with like-minded executives, business owners and entrepreneurs. Or, you can simply relax, refresh and gather your thoughts in the ambience.

Private Phone Booths

Serene, sound-proofed spaces where you can hold that important private call.

Access to all Co—Space Hot Desk Sites

Going out of town? You get access to all our hot desk sites around the UK so you can tap into the same Co-Space atmosphere you like (we are growing!).

Secure Lockers

For your added peace of mind we have locker storage available should you want to lock any valuables up overnight. All venues are secure 24/7.

On-Site Help

Our friendly support team are there to assist you with meeting room or event bookings and will be the professional greeting for any of your visiting clients.

Dedicated Desks

Prefer your own desk in a shared space? Our Dedicated Desks provide you with a desk of your own that’s there to access when you need it, 24/7.

Private Office

Our office memberships offer an all-inclusive, private space for companies of varying sizes with 24/7 access.

Virtual Office

Our virtual office membership provides you with use of one of our Co-Space business addresses, mail services and support

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book a private phone booth?2024-04-05T13:02:12+00:00

It’s advisable to book a private phone booth for guaranteed privacy for your calls. Please contact our front desk for bookings.

What are the access times for hot desk users?2024-04-05T13:01:22+00:00

Hot desk users can access the communal areas during our opening hours.

Is parking available? What’s the cost?2024-04-19T15:21:36+00:00

Yes, onsite parking is available. Please contact us for pricing details.

What’s the difference between a hot desk and a dedicated desk?2024-04-05T12:56:00+00:00

A hot desk allows you to work at any available desk in the open area on a first-come, first-served basis, providing flexibility and variety. A dedicated desk is yours and only yours, perfect for those needing a permanent spot.

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