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A platform to grow your business

Location is everything. All of us adapt to our surroundings and, at Co-space, we understand that this instinctive process affects us constantly; shaping our perceptions, our motivations, and our outputs. A professional, modern, and functional environment, purpose-built to facilitate business development, can give your company the boost it needs to stand out in its field. 

Whether it’s asking for a quick second opinion, getting a latte in your lunch break, or learning from someone else’s prior experience, there’s no doubt that community and network is essential in allowing businesses to thrive and develop. Every workspace coworking membership comes with not only a bespoke design let and functional work environment, but with an open network of professionals, helping and learning from each other’s experiences. With our numerous sites across the UK, various membership levels, and pre-established networks, we’re able to adapt to suit your specific needs and provide a range of spaces in which you and your business can operate efficiently and successfully.

Our aim is to provide the very best for business, whether that be in terms of unique workspace coworking areas, or private offices and rooms to hire.

William Stokes

Joint Founder & CEO —

William Stokes
William has a background in property development and co-founded a medium-sized commercial to residential developer, operating primarily in the south of England before founding Co-Space with Alistair. During this time William developed a passion for the flexible workspace sector and set out to create more functional design-led workspaces outside of London.

Alistair Thomas

Joint Founder & CFO —

Alistair Thomas
Alistair has a background in corporate finance and co-founded a worldwide commodities trading company primarily operating in Africa and Asia. Alistair watched the rise of flexible workspaces and set out with William to help create a more functional and design led work environment outside of London and across the UK.


The growing Co-Space Team

Our community is constantly expanding. The next 3-4 years will see rapid development for Co-Space as we plan to have 20+ sites in operation by 2023/2024. That’s why the Co-Space team are always on hand to ensure you have everything you as we grow and provide everything you need to grow your business.

Our Amazing Community Managers

Our community managers are the core team that ensure you get everything you need from our space and more. They’re always on hand to deal with any queries you may have however big or small.

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